The ultimate relaxing app
no matter the season

The ultimate relaxing app for a stressless year no matter the season.
Forget the stress, overcome your body tension and free up your mind by falling into a peaceful relaxation that you surely deserve!

Relax Melodies Seasons helps you to easily combine ambient sounds and relaxing melodies (from all four seasons) to create your own and personal relaxing session. Let your mind travel to any season of the year to enjoy back the feeling of a warm day at the beach, a calm spring morning, a peaceful october rain or even a cold winter day! Possibilities are endless as you start mixing!

An extra 12 Christmas melodies are also included to put you in the mood for the Holidays!

iPhone & iPad

48 High quality ambient sounds. A dozen for each season of the year!

  • …help you relax during a busy day designing the next great ad, or writing the great American novel!

  • I use this app every single night when I go to sleep. It usually takes me anywhere from a half hour to an hour to fall asleep. With this app, it feels like I fall asleep a lot quicker!

  • Once you found your mix, this app is really helping in relaxation therapy.