We are very excited to announce our newest member of the Relax Melodies Suite: Relax Melodies for Android!

After a big development cycle, we we’re able to get our Android version out to the market just in time for your Holiday season. Don’t wait and download your version for the best relaxation experience you can find on an Android Phone!

You can find Relax Melodies Premium for Android here and the free version here.

Once again, thanks to all our users with all your support! You are making this happen.

The Ipnos Soft Team

View our Premium Promo video now!


  1. I tried a few sleep apps until I came across this one and it is the best by far. I love the sounds, and if it’s a relaxing nights sleep you are after, this will have you deep in slumber in no time.

    • brian

      Thanks Caroline. We’re happy that our app is helping you achieve relaxing nights. Sleep well! 🙂

  2. torotoro

    AsianSleep for Android,plz
    can’t wait for it;)

  3. Susanna

    Can I make my own music and then use it as background music for my guided meditations to sell

    Many thanks Susan a

    • brian

      Sorry Susanna,
      you can’t resale our sounds. It will infringe the sound artists and our copyrights.
      The Ipnos Soft Team

  4. I upgraded to premium, and really like it, how do I update to v3 that you are advertising? Thank you.

    • brian

      Hi Thomas,
      V3 is only available for iPhone and iPad.
      It will soon be available for Mac.

      We don’t have any estimates for windows phone and Android yet. Sorry.

  5. Margaret

    Purchased Premium but then upgraded to Ice Cream sandwich on galaxy S2 which caused it to jump. Uninstalled it but now cant reinstall it as i get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”.
    Any way to get it back?

  6. richard

    Same Problem here. After updating s2 ta android 4. Relax Melodies don’t work any more. Installation is not allowed. What to do? I bought the premium edition. I need this program for my daily sleep!

    • brian

      Hi Richard,
      We’re actively working on an update for android to fix all v.4 of android bugs.
      Our developers our aiming for next week or two. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
      Brian Wilcox
      Web Specialist @ Ipnos Soft

      • Mathieu

        Well, did this update happen? I’m still waiting on a fix for loop “holes” on my ics device. cheers! Otherwise, I absolutely love this app.

        • brian

          Hi Mathieu, We did update to 1.3. And it fixed more of the phones on the market. If you have a dual-core phone on 4.1 Google is aware that some features are off and will fix in future versions. On our side we’re still trying to find a temporary solution for our great users on Android.

  7. This is an awesome app with a good selection of beats & sounds, but I feel that a key feature has been left out. I think users should be able to set timers on all beats to either get to sleep or awaken from sleep. For example, play the “Relaxation” beat for 30 min, play the “Pre-Sleep” beat for 15 min then the “Deep Sleep” beat for 20 min or something like that. Seems like the ability to “program” the beats would be a great help to insomniacs like myself. Please let me know how to use the feature if it exists already and I’ve overlooked it. Thanks! 🙂

    • brian

      That’s a great idea. 🙂
      We have this in our wish list already and will try to incorporate this in the next releases.
      Thanks angelzwhizper.

  8. Hope you guys can update the Android version to work on my new Google Nexus 7. I have this app both on my iPad and Mac (premium version) and it’s just awesome!

  9. Gustavo

    I really liked the app, but a bell sound would be great!

    • Jessika

      Hey Gustavo, Thank you for your good comment! Thank you also for this suggestion. You will be glad to know that soon we will release our Relax Melodies Oriental app for the Android devices. In this app, you will find many relaxing sounds including one of a bell. Thanks for your patience!

  10. Megan

    I have an Ipod, and an android phone. I had the Ipod first, so tried Relax Melodies for Apple products first. I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. Bought the seasons and Oriental versions too. Even the alarm one. Figured I’d put it in my android phone too, so I bought it again! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I study with it, fall asleep to it, relax with it, and even read with it. I’ve made my own favorite blends…You keep making ’em, I’ll keep buying ’em! (I love you.)

  11. Danielle T

    I normally don’t pay for apps under any circumstances, but with this one I have, and it has been worth it, thank you for this app it has been worth it.

  12. Kathy

    I loved this app on my iphone, and am willing to buy it again just to put it on my new android 😀 does the premium android version also come with the ability to add your own music??

  13. Francella

    I love it, my daughter (7) was suffering a sleep disorder and we came across this app and in just minutes she falls asleep. You guys are great. As soon as I can I will upgrade to the premium version.

  14. Jeremy

    Will the ability to use your owname music be added to android any time soon? And is the discovery option anywhere in the Android app?

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