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Select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them to create a mix. Add a meditation, lay back, listen, and enjoy falling asleep. Is that simple and it works. Use timers and alarms if needed. Try different and new mixes every time!

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Meditation made for Sleep

Mindfullness specially written for sleep

Did you know mindfulness meditation can help you achieve a better sleep? Our specially designed meditation will help you sleep better and faster. Try one of our programs and learn how to integrate mindfulness in your sleep routine.


Sharing & Discovery

A community that listens to you

Creating relaxing mixes is sure a lot of fun but can also be a challenge because of the many available possibilities. With Discovery, let the community of Relax Melodies helps you out. Find yourself listening to unique and original mixes shared by users just like you! Who knows, what works for others might just work for you.


Use your own music

A new level of mixing

The doors of your entire music library are now open! Whether it be a beautiful piano arrangement or a relaxing tropical song, experience a new level of relaxation by integrating your favorite songs in your mixes. Create a playlist, adjust its volume, and save it to your favorites list for a relaxing session like never before.


Synchronize your brain waves

Reach new states of sleep

Reach your desired state of mind faster using brainwaves. With binaural beats & isochronic tones, you have the choice to use headphones or not. Just add any brainwave to your mix and enjoy its benefits!

  • One can simply relax, meditate, or achieve a higher state of his soul while exercising Yoga or even fall asleep on the tunes of this app.

  • Sleep Enhancing Tech. Going to bed with your tech!

    People Magazine
  • Relax Melodies is the most popular free sleep app available for the iPhone.

  • If you suffer from both sleep deprivation and difficulty falling asleep, then you may consider the relaxing powers of the Relax Melodies app.